The passion for things done well!

To guarantee the best Quality in mushrooms cultivation

Passion and care for good things


GBC Funghi delle Terre di Romagna operates in a territory extraordinarily devoted to taste and to the most typical food and wine productions. Our greenhouses are located just a step away from the sea of ​​the Rimini and Riccione Riviera, immersed in a countryside at the foot of the first hills of the Valconca, among olive trees, vines and the castles of Montefeltro. An oasis of quiet surrounded by plants of all kinds and – above all – by peace.
Here – among old cheesemakers, rows of Sangiovese, new farmhouses or historic mills of extra virgin olive oil – our fresh mushrooms are cultivated with care to always make the maximum quality of the product and food safety.


An adventure born 50 years ago …


GBC Funghi delle Terre di Romagna is the organization of producers that brings together the majority of mushroom growers in the province of Rimini. The long history of mushroom cultivation, in the current territory of the province of Rimini, starts more than 50 years ago, and it is no coincidence that a small territory and, certainly, without a primary vocation for agriculture, has developed a sector agricultural so specialized. In fact the climatic and logistical conditions have favored the cultivations of mushrooms in the province of Rimini, which today represent 75% of the production of Emilia Romagna.


Certified Italian mushroom …


GBC FUNGHI DELLE TERRE DI ROMAGNA participates in the Italian Fungo consortium, presenting the “ITALIAN CERTIFIED MUSHROOM” to the market. The Certified Italian Mushroom product is supported by a strict disciplinary that guarantees the mushrooms grown exclusively in the Italian territory, cultivated use of physical means of defense to eliminate or reduce to the maximum the residues of active ingredients. The ISO 22005 certification was obtained by the SGS. The trademark FUNGO ITALIANO CERTIFICATO will employ personalized packaging and labels and is proposing to consumers with a communication campaign in order to spread information and generate interest, enhance the product and its versatility.
Our O.P. has a certified QC and Carbon Foot Print product and is also certified HALAL, in compliance with members of the Islamic religion.


The continuous search for quality makes us unique


The members of our consortium company are committed to continuous technological and sustainability improvements. They have integrated systems for controlling production processes and local raw materials.
The mild climate of the territory, summers and winters tempered by the proximity of the sea and the absence of fog imply an exclusive advantage and guarantee the production of mushrooms in the best natural conditions. All the member companies are of low impact with respect to the landscape, the buildings are of limited height, the consumption of land is small. The member companies use water-saving machinery for targeted micro-irrigation in order to save water. The cultivation in a protected environment, the use of steam for the protection of crops, in addition to a very restrictive national legislation, entail a very low use of plant protection products.

The presence of covered surfaces has given the opportunity to produce photovoltaic energy without using agricultural land; to complete the sustainability of production, the shareholders apply mass-produced integrated production massively.

The growth of mushrooms is guaranteed by the GLOBAL G.A.P.