Italian Mushrooms

To guarantee the best Quality in mushrooms cultivation... and 100% Italian

Certified Italian Mushroom promotes cultivated mushrooms:

  • exclusively in Italy with a unique traceability system in the agri-food chain
  • using mainly physical and biological systems to protect against pests and weeds
  • exclusively in Italian soil renewed for each cultivation and composed of organic, biodegradable and controlled raw material
  • in closed and protected environments
  • with a low energy and water consumption system

Only the mushroom cultivation process takes place in a protected environment, with selected raw materials. Maximum attention and respect for biological rhythms are required to achieve the growth of the mushrooms.

Not all cultivated mushrooms on the market are produced with this respect.

The Certified Italian Mushroom was created to enhance and promote specialized agriculture, which chooses to constantly monitor each step in the supply chain, to ensure a healthy product of the highest quality.


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